Abderrahman Ait-Ali

Short biography (and CV)

Abderrahman was born in Ait Melloul (near Agadir), Morocco. He holds an engineering diploma (in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics) from Grenoble Institute of Techonology - INP (Ensimag) as well as a Masters degree (in Computer Science and Engineering) from KTH. In November 2020, he got a PhD. degree (in Infra-Informatics) from LiU.

Abderrahman is currently working as a researcher at VTI (and LiU). The focus of his research is mainly on cost-benefit analysis, operations research, mathematical programming and optimisation with applications to railway problems such as capacity allocation.

Besides research, Abdou (short for Abderrahman) is also interested in linguistics, photography and history. He is also contributing to different open source projects such as Wikipedia and Wikidata.

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